Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ignatieff, there are many other people in it with him.

With today being the deadline for the second quarter of 2009, it is an opportunity to reflect on the changes that we are seeing as far as Liberal Party funding, as well as general party health.

The reality that seems to be developing is that the Liberal Party under Michael Ignatieff is finally showing some signs of being of a more grassroots nature. By this, I mean a greater ability to raise funds, and also a greater party membership. What is more is that increases in both these areas are happening at overwhelming rates.

In this Toronto Sun article , these improvements are outlined. The most significant statistics are that funds raised have tripled over the same period last year, and what's more, membership is up to around 90 000, up from 40 000 in January.

Clearly the Liberal Party is growing in significant ways. And, what's more, this can be linked to Michael Ignatieff. It would seem that Canadians are not as averse to cosmopolitan people as Mr. Harper. It would seem that Canadians embrace this, and are willing to see how Ignatieff can fare.

What is more, Canadians, when Harper started attacking Ignatieff's character, realized that if they wanted to avoid the disgrace of Dion style attacks, they had to enter the political scene in their way, and not only voting, but also giving money and getting memberships.

Faced with such massive change in his opponents' party, Harper must be shaking in his boots. He's just figured out that Ignatieff is not just in it for himself, and that there are many other people in it with him.
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