Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bring Mohammed Kohail home

Mohammed Kohail, a young Montrealer, faces execution by beheading in Saudi Arabia if Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not step in and speak on his behalf to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Whether or not Kohail is guilty or not of the charges facing him is irrelevant. The position of the Canadian government should be that the execution he faces is inhumane and condemned by them. If the government does not intervene in this manner, it is an implicit endorsement, or at the least, a recognition, of beheading as suitable judicial punishment.

The position which the Canadian government must take is clear. Nothing short of bringing Kohail home will do, as while in Saudi Arabia he still faces potential punishment, and not just on behalf of the Saudi government. The family of the victim he is alleged to have killed will very likely demand some sort of revenge if its government fails to do so.

Once Kohail is home, try him if we must. Put him in a Canadian jail, if we must. But bring him home, because we must.
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  1. I agree completely. Every time, the response from every govt of Canada should always be to incarerate at home and denounce capital punishment, to every nation, so no one can say we play favourites.

    And yet, with the last election, I didn't hear any party mention Khadr, which is something all Cdns should be ashamed of.


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