Sunday, June 28, 2009

Further Desperation Strikes in Iran: Revealing electoral fraud, perhaps?

Reports are now coming out of Iran that 5 British Embassy employees have been detained by the Iranian government amid sordid allegations that they have helped to incite violence surrounding the controversial elections. Rightfully, the European Union ministers have condemned this action.

What this reveals about the domestic situation in Iran is equally important. These ridiculous allegations help to construct a picture of desperation in Teheran, and Iran in general. Ahmadinejad, and in a veiled way Ayatollah Khamenei, are grasping at straws to save themselves from disgrace.

In fact, this desperation must have reached a peak. For, is it not rational to conceive of this as a rallying call for nationalist Iranians? If there are allegations of external influence, then many Iranians will cement their trust in their government. This is due to a dedication to the nation, and a deep aversion to US influence. By consolidating these Iranians, the government seems to be preparing battle positions for the long haul.

In addition, these moves smack of even greater desperation because of the targets chosen. It was predictable that the European Union would react in this manner to such allegations. Thus, the Iranians have knowingly caused antagonism on the part of nations that it seeks to have discussions with.

It is no secret that the EU and the US have great reservations as to Iran's nuclear program. In order to address these questions, talks between Iran and the EU have been planned. However, now that the Iranians have been making such allegations, the potential of these talks seems to be lessened.

It is in Iranian interest that these talks go well. For all his bluster, the Iranian President cannot think that he can dispense of talks with these nations.

For all these reasons, such allegations are further evidence, not only of desperation, but of what this desperation seeks to cover up: electoral fraud.
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