Monday, June 15, 2009

They said Harper was smart... Looks like he thinks we're stupid

Which of course may reveal he's smart, at least in reference to some in the population. I'm not saying they're stupid per se, but they don't pay attention in politics and are easily fooled.

Anyway, why is this so? Looking at Harper's offer to the Liberals, only two options are clear: 1. he thinks we are easily hoodwinked. 2. He has lost his strategic touch, which may have never been there as much as the media said, but that's for future posts.

These conclusions are inevitable as Harper's offer to Ignatieff consists of as much real action as his policy on the environment. Offering to discuss the issues that Ignatieff has raised, after the vote, is ludicrous. This would have absolutely no effect in calming the Opposition parties, and rightly so.

Discussion of components of a stimulus package is not, reasonably, taken after a no-confidence vote. For, in this way, Harper can say to Ignatieff, trust me, we'll duke it out later, while he manages to stay on for another three months. Furthermore, during these three months of recess, Ignatieff has no power to change any of Harper's actions.

For all these reasons, Ignatieff has made the right move. It is necessary to talk about the four issues Ignatieff raised, if not more, before the vote so that the Liberals can vote in conjunction with our principles and views for the country.

So, Harper clearly thinks the general public cannot see this. Yet more evidence of a snobbish attitude. And he said that "Count" Ignatieff was aristocratic.
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