Monday, June 8, 2009

The "sexy" minister has to go

Cancer, radioactive leaks. What images do they bring to mind? I doubt they brought to mind what Lisa Raitt, the Natural Resource Minister, believes they should.

Apparently, it is sexy to have problems. Especially when you are in government. According to Lisa Raitt that is. And judging by the amount of significant problems she's had to deal with, two major ones, there must be lots of sexiness surrounding her.

Seriously though, is this who we want in government? Regarding the conditions of the leak at Chalk River as sexy is not only evident of a lack of understanding of the issues, it is shocking and to an extent revolting. This minister is so infatuated by her own position that she looks at the issues she is dealing with and pronounces them "sexy", when in fact they spell significant outcomes for many. There is nothing sexy about these things.

In addition to being revolting, it reveals a frivolity to office that is unacceptable. When there are serious issues like these, we expect our elected officials to step up to the plate and at least make a swing at the ball, instead of standing there admiring the grass of the baseball diamond for all its sexiness.

If Harper refused to accept her resignation a week ago, he should demand it now. And if he doesn't, Ignatieff should pounce and provide us with a government that understands the issues and cares about the issues.
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