Sunday, June 14, 2009

In a break from election speculation, attempts at peace in the Middle East

Today Israeli PM Netanyahu offered, in his words, "real peace" to the Palestinian Arabs. This "real peace" constitutes an Arab state, though disarmed. This is a step in the right direction, as since Netanyahu took office he has been adamant on the right of the Jewish people to continue Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Clearly this is a great obstacle to peace, as settlement is an expansionist activity with no regard for Palestinian interests.

These same Jewish settlers are still a problem under the described ideas of Netanyahu. How are they to be returned to the Jewish state. Or do they remain where they are. Netanyahu has made his position clear on the issue of Palestinian refugees. They are strictly an Arab issue. Well then, the Israelis should at least be ready to take responsibility for their settlers and ensure they do not encroach on Arab land any longer.

A real step may have been made, but this all seems too much in favor of Israel. A disarmed Palestine? That doesn't mean much since the real threat would be from paramilitary groups such as Hamas. In fact, an army would be able to help the Israelis against these terrorist groups.

It seems to be another humiliation of the Arabs. If Palestine is to be disarmed, Israel should pledge to never take aggressive action against the new nation.
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  1. Netanyahu' speech was meant to be a non-starter in order to attempt to deflect the onus away from Israel. The Palestinian movement is driven forward by the simple fact that they want dignity and self-determination. You could easily undermine Palestinian extremism by giving the majority of Palestinians a stake in a better future. Unfortunately, on the other side, the entire Israeli political system is held hostage by a group of religious fanatics who are not simply looking for dignity or self-determination, but for the fulfillment of a biblical prophesy which suggests that they have a God-given right to all the land of Palestine. As the stronger, expansionist force, Israel is the real problem here. And I say this without a stake in the outcome, therefore relative disinterest.

  2. HI MARC! (it's michelle btw.) lol now we know where to get our Lectern-stuff :D


    "disarmed Palestine"?

    First of all, how could they control that? and if Palestine is armed, what happens? war? it's not exactly the most practical solution..

    and second, would the Knesset agree to such a radical proposal after Benjamin Netanyahu's election threats of "crushing" Hamas, etc. etc.? and it's doubtful whether Leiberman would agree to it, considering his long history of anti-Arab racism.

    but anyways, nifty blog!

  3. oh, and i like your "Only ___ days until the Conservatives meet our Kyoto Targets!" nice :D


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