Sunday, June 7, 2009

A response to Rex Murphy

In his recent article, Rex Murphy accuses Ignatieff of being adept at attacking Stephen Harper without taking any positions of his own. This time, shockingly, the verbose Newfoundlander has it wrong.

It is hardly surprising that not many of Ignatieff's positions are known. What would happen if Ignatieff presented them? The answer to that question is obvious. Stephen Harper, a committed pragmatist ever since entering office, would adopt most of these ideas faster than Madonna faced with Malawi kids. He hasn't done so on EI, granted, but that is because he wants to see how far Iggy will go.

In addition, it is not a common occurrence that the Opposition leader unveil a ready election platform. It is obvious that there would be a difference between the extent to which we know Harper's policies and the extent to which we know Ignatieff's. Harper is PM, Ignatieff, sadly, is not.

As for Rex's assertions that Ignatieff is shocked by the deficit. Wrong again. Ignatieff is outraged, as most of the country should be, about the way in which this deficit is ballooning with no clear stimulus to show for it. Most of the money hasn't even gotten out the door, and yet this deficit, one that Conservatives denied would exist until the last possible moment, is soaring up faster than an old widower's house attached to helium balloons.

If in office, Ignatieff would not draw back on spending, I believe. He would spend responsibly, providing economic stimulus while making sure the money goes to those who need it. He would also be reasonable in his predictions, unlike the current government.

Take for example EI reform. This will cost even more to the government. And guess who proposed this. That's right Iggy did. Sorry Rex.
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  1. I can not think of a single Liberal proposal that this Conservative government, even in opposition, stole. Can you list a few please?

    The Dippers proposed the EI changes that MI is now insisting on.
    The Green Shift IS MI's idea, though.

  2. Quebec as a Nation for one.

  3. I have to second wilson, it was the NDP and Bloc that passed the first call for EI reform, long before MI and the Grits made similar calls.

  4. Yes, EI reform is the NDP motion where the libs finally got on board. But I know the libs are trying really hard to omit that little fact so Iggy can pretend it's his idea - not.

    But it appears for the most part that Iggy and Harper are on the same page - and the libs and cons steal from one another - must mean they have lots in common. Oh, I don't think that was what you were getting at or want to broadcast. Tee-hee.

  5. If Ignatieff's policies are so good for Canada, it is hardly admirable that he hold them back for partisan advantage. There's a recession going on, for God's sake. Let's hear his ideas!

  6. Hear his ideas and make sure that our hope of ousting Harper zero.

  7. Young Liberal:

    Nonsense. Do you think voters are impressed by an opposition leader who seems to have no policies? At any rate, I'm sure there would be many liberal policies that Harper wants nothing to do with - indeed Harper might take an opposite stance just to differentiate himself.

    And if Harper did steal some of Ignatieff's policies, it would make Ignatieff look like a leader an Harper look like a copycat.


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