Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fraud according to Iran's Guardian Council

Today, Mousavi, the reform presidential candidate in the Iranian election, announced that he would not yield to pressure to withdraw his claims of fraud. In fact, the Iranian Guardian Council claims that there were no instances of fraud in the recent election.

However, to the discerning observer this is ludicrous. If we are to take the assertions of the Guardian Council at face value, then more votes being cast than there are registered voters does not constitute fraud. I guess it must fall into the considerations of the Iranian system.

In all seriousness, this just shows how desperate the Guardian Council is to restore order, with Ahmadinejad at the helm. Indeed, rather than minimizing concerns of fraud, such a blatantly inadequate cover-up gives rise to more suspicions.

Faced with this concerted, and yet weakly based opposition, Mousavi is warranted in wanting examination into the fraud. It'll be interesting to see what governments do in reaction to such blatant fraud, as they will be toeing the line of interference and independence, all the while considering what is just.
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