Saturday, July 4, 2009

Whoever disapproves of Harper's legislation is a pedophile, porn supporter etc...

His Prime Ministerialship has authorized ads that depict the Bloc Québécois as pedophiles, all because they refused to vote with the other parties in requiring minimum sentences for pedophiles.

This is clearly low blow politics at its best, from the best in the business. There are some pertinent reservations that Bloc MPs mentioned in relation to this bill. Their believing that minimum sentences are not dissuasive is an arguable position. What's more, not only might they be on to something, but in no way does this actually pledge the support of the Bloc to all pedophiles within Quebec, or even Canada.

It is not only illogical politics at its finest, it is utterly revolting. As Ignatieff commented today, these are ad hominum attacks that are unacceptable. To actually claim that a politician is a criminal because they conscientiously disapprove of your party's position is a childish game, and anyone should be able to see through it.

Thankfully, it seems that Canadian voters are able to see through such tricks. In 2004, the Conservatives, under guess who, tried the same thing. Paul Martin did not support their anti pornography ideas, and for that reason he was labeled a pornography supporter. Canadians seemed to see through this and elected Paul Martin anyway.

So we see that once again the Conservatives are being dirty. How does this fit in the scheme of things? Well, hopefully Ignatieff will use this to his advantage. The scandals keep coming up with the Conservatives, a list would be too exhausting (though the Liberals tried in the last election with their Scandalpedia).

The problem is making sure these scandals stick to the Conservatives. Hopefully Iggy will be better at that than Dion.

I mean, who wouldn't vote for Ignatieff? With him, if you opposed you're a Dipper or a Con, Bloquiste. Much better than being a pedophile.
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  1. If I were the Bloc Québécois, I would frame the Conservative attack as one against all Quebeckers.

    "The Conservatives are attacking ALL Quebeckers by assuming that we support pedofiles."

    It's not an attack ad against the BQ, it's an attack ad against all Quebeckers.

  2. If you don't agree that a child rapist should get LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE, then you are very sick in the head.

    Leaving discretion to judges is the same as allowing them to recieve bribes for activism.

    It's clear that all child rapists are sick and need top be imprisoned for life.

    leaving my childs fate up to a corrupt liberal judge is disgusting and needs to be stopped ASAP.

    Good for Harper for siding with children and not child rapists.

    There are enough libloggers and liberal M.P's to fight for pedophile rights.

    Sick people.

  3. 'ads that depict the Bloc Québécois as pedophiles'

    That is not what mature people think when they see the ads.
    It's about the protecting of the criminal instead of the victim.
    The ad says that the Bloc chose leaving child molesters out on the street rather than put them behind bars, where they belong.

    No where in that ad does it even imply that the Bloc are pedophiles.
    That's foolish.

  4. Since when did politicians become Judge, Jury and Executioner? Isn't that what the courts and legal system are for?

    This ad is revolting and constitutes low blow politics, as Marc said. However, it doesn't surprise me. I expect nothing less from our current government.

  5. Wilson, who protects pedophiles? Other pedophiles or sympathizers. Who do you say protects pedophiles. The Bloc.

    So the Bloc is being accused of at least sympathizing.

    As for the comments of the anonymous person, nowhere did I say that pedophiles shouldn't get time for their actions. All I did was explain that the Bloc thought that there was no need of minimum sentencing.


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