Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why we should be paying more taxes

One of the reasons that we have been led to these deficits is the Conservative cuts to the GST. With this in mind, Robert Smol's article on Why I should be paying more taxes proclaims a truth that many politicians do not want to face. Instead of lowering taxes, if anything they should be raised.

Simply a great article.
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  1. I think it was around 2000 or so, I got word from my kids school that arts and crafts would no longer be included in the JK- 4 curriculum, due to budget cuts. Then, the next day, I got a $75 dollar "rebate" from Mike Harris. What good was the $75 compared to encouraging creative children? I guess I was supposed to get two kids signed up for a year's worth of art classes with that $75. It was the stupidest thing ever,and yet that kind of short term save-a-nickel mentality continues. I too will happily pay more taxes to ensure a stronger society.


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