Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A great opportunity slips through Michael's fingers

Michael Ignatieff had a great opportunity this week to bring down the government, and to ensure, among other things, that real, effective, and crucial change would occur in relation to Employment Insurance. Instead, we have been offered a panel to study EI reform, consisting of 3 Liberals and 3 Conservatives. It is permissible to believe that nothing coming within the realm of nationwide EI standards will be achieved.

So let's bemoan our loss. Because a loss it is. Ignatieff and the Liberals were leading in the polls by a 5% margin, and were riding a wave of Conservative flub ups. What with a ballooning deficit just waiting to spirit the Conservatives out of office, there was little doubt of the issue of the potential election: a Liberal minority government.

And, instead of taking this opportunity, Ignatieff has created in co-operation with Harper, a panel that will effect some changes, but not what we need. If Ignatieff had taken his chance, there would be no doubt as to the change. Now, we are forced to wait and see what will be offered up to us.

The only consoling hope is that maybe, just maybe, Ignatieff has something up his sleeve. That he is using this time over the summer to strengthen his party's campaign-readiness, and so to increase the margin of victory in an election I want to see in the fall.

Cling to that hope. It's the best we can hope for in this missed opportunity.
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  1. The risk,probably was a reaction against the Libs for calling an election in the summmer.
    "Nobody wants an election" Right?

  2. Right, and there are many saying that this new co-operation is the way a minority government is supposed to work. The problem is that Harper can never be trusted and only co-operated this time to save his neck. Ignatieff worked hard and did the best he could in a difficult situation. Here's hoping for another opportunity in the fall.

  3. Truth. An election campaign is five weeks (lost). If the Liberals do win, then there's a small matter of a transition period, cabinet selection, then getting up to speed. That could mean a delay till Oct-Nov. Meanwhile, there's time now for the party to regenerate itself, like having a "think tank" for the grassroots to develop ideas and policies, showcase Ignatieff, and organize. Besides, any announced but as yet unapproved measure would die on the order paper. So, really, what's the difference? This way gives us time, albeit no immediate help. And Harper still wears the effects of the recession. There's also the matter of the cost of staging an election.

  4. And then, there is this -

  5. When Iggy says Canadians do not want an election, I actually believe this is representative of the current political climate in Canada. It is disheartening to see Liberals call for an election on the simple basis of a slight lead in the polls. Moreover, what ‘change’ are we really talking about? I have yet to see Iggy’s platform, change is not simply a new face. Congrats Iggy for doing what was right for your party and for Canadian’s. You are showing how a minority government should work by placing partnership over partisanship.

  6. How can we go to an election when we have literally nothing to contrast ourselves with the Conservatives on? We lost our moral authority to declare an election by going along with mandatory minimums for drug crimes.


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