Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A list of Conservative "cheap politics"

1. Anyone remember the defecating puffin who just seemed to have an affection for Stephane Dion's shoulder?
2. While we're on Dion, character branding through low blow attack ads aimed at character and a French accent instead of policies.
3. No deficit. I swear guys absolutely no chance of a deficit. Okay maybe a little deficit. Oh look it must be the little deficit that grew, it's reached $50 billion now. What a good boy. (Harper)
4. Look, it's obvious that Brian Mulroney is not a Conservative. Sure he was a PM, in fact the last successful Conservative one. But he's definitely not a Conservative, there's no way he is.
5. Blame the Liberals for anything that goes wrong. Of course this is quite logical as they were the ones in power before you right? Kyoto, deficits, anything is fair game.
6. It is sexy to have problems. Enough said.

7. Oh, and finally before we forget, in and out scandal was clearly not an instance of cheap politics. I mean, look at how much extra money it cost us.
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  1. I support privacy. But Harper assured himself government by utilizing his MSM in compromising S.Dion's privacy. As far as I'm concerned Conservatives have implied an MP's personal privacy is not as valuable as are the political points scored off destroying it. Cons niavely assume only their conspiracy of RCMP, MSM, will use this invasive strategy.
    The last election, the message sent was kill our privacy until the intrusion makes the job unpalatable. Or do those faggot Conservatives think the left will never fight back using asymptotic warfare to neutralize Asper and CTV brainwashing??

  2. All good points. Unfortunately there are so many, that most are forgotten. People can only keep about 7 unique items in their mind at any one time, and keep track of them, so I think what happens is the absolute flood of bad events from the Harper and similar disaster governments simply overwhelm the senses until people block them out as invalid.


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