Friday, October 2, 2009

Harper has Company in Club of Canadian Leaders Flouting Democracy

Remember the coalition crisis last December? Remember the outrage felt in many parts at Stephen Harper's proroguing of Parliament, a most undemocratic move by a government avoiding a confidence vote that would have toppled it. Well, now Stephen Harper has company in Gordon Campbell as an undemocratic political leader in Canada.

Gordon Campbell, at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities convention, suggested that he is considering granting municipal voting rights to industrial and business property owners. In other words, if you're rich, we'll listen to you.

Wonder if Harper will pick up on this new tactic to wrestle away power from the elected representatives of the people. It would be like the return of the Family Compact and Chateau Clique.

After all, who needs democracy when you can have oligarchy?
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  1. wow - liberals really are turning into red conservatives - the red shapeshifter.

  2. well Campbell is a BC Liberal. They are only the Socreds under a different name.


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