Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Defending the Indefensible, a Conservative Passtime

If you read Tim Powers' latest article on the globe's website, you will be duly amazed at his dogged determination to avoid the real matter of the partisan cheque scandal. Just like his favourite PM.

To say that the money is public money being payed on the public is true. But it completely avoids the fact that this money is being distributed in ways that ensure the Conservatives are awarded all the credit for the stimulus package. Apparently, according to Powers, the Conservative Party and government are synonymous.

Here is a gem from the article: "After years of having Liberals give our money to their friends I guess a period of adjustment is required." I guess Powers is proud of his genius here in deflecting all criticism by pointing to the Liberals' sponsorship scandal.

In fact, he's right, a period of adjustment is required: to the use of significant sums of government money as Conservative party ads.
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  1. It's the conservative way of "teaching them (in this case liberals) a lesson" -- that phrase that slipped out on the leaked video is in fact a major conservative policy.


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