Monday, October 26, 2009

Canada's Changing Under our Noses

In his recent article in the Macleans, Paul Wells shows how much of what Harper does is in secret, like eliminating state run child care in favour of per child benefits, is changing Canada. He is facing little opposition on many of these issues, the opposition and the media entranced by continual election speculation and stimulus package outrages.

While these are undoubtedly important, the changes that Harper is effecting are important, and as Paul Wells describes it, "threaten the social union of the country". This includes acts like his lack of interest in higher education and the diminishing role of the health and intergovernmental affairs ministers.

Instead Harper is pushing for a stronger national market, with an effort to prove the federal government's authority in establishing a national securities regulator, and with negotiations with the European Union on establishing free trade. Not necessarily all bad in themselves.

However, Harper is operating in near secrecy. Last Friday afternoon was when the government asked the Supreme court if it was allowed to establish a national securities regulator. Friday afternoons are not the time at which the press or the opposition parties, indeed the PM( who sits out Question Period along with Michael Ignatieff and the other leaders, are paying attention.

In this way Harper is seeking to avoid scrutiny. At the same time however, it behooves the opposition to pay more attention to the wide range of issues that the Harper government is addressing. They need to do so to, in a concerted manner and with contrasting policies, open debate on the actions of the government. If they do not, they are failing in their duty.
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  1. Please, keep on about this. It is so important to all Canadians, though many don't realize it yet. Also, the costs involved in the S. Harper super-prison policies. As usual they aren't being forthright with us. Every file is an example of this. LK

  2. Yes . . . keep on about it. Except most of the time the opposition doesn't seem to care or actually agrees with the government. And the voters of canada might as well all be in a coma.

  3. " eliminating state run child care in favour of per child benefits..."

    How exactly do you eliminate something that does not exist? I find this point of view to be a little wierd since Harper is not doing anything in secret, it's just no one is paying attention. If the Liberals can not be in opposition and do that properly Canadians will not elect them. And the things that the opposition is pointing out no one cares. Why doesn't Iggy get it in the national media about Harpers plan to jail people caught with small amounts of pot. I have not seen that anywhere but on the blogs, most people don't read blogs.

  4. Why doesn't Iggy offer a different solution to the Cons crime bill. Canadians are sick of perverts and violent criminals getting back on the streets before thier victims are healed. This is a real problem that Canadians want solved, the majority have lost faith in the judges.

  5. I meant eliminating as an option state run child care. Remember it was being pushed by liberals under Paul Martin.

  6. pushed but never implemented...
    and anyways...the per child benefit was a major part of their platform for that election...hardly covering up....

    so please...this hidden agenda stuff...totally old...get some new material plz :D


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