Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Come Up With Some Policy

A Strategic counsel poll released today pegged the Conservatives at 41 and the Liberals lagging behind at 28. Disconcerting results as the gap grows ever wider and the Conservatives near majority territory. These results put into question the strategy that Michael Ignatieff has been using up until now.

One of the components of this strategy has been a vagueness surrounding policy. With Ignatieff's predecessor, the policy of the carbon tax was released months before an election. With the saddening disaster this proved to be,and a history of Conservatives stealing Liberal ideas, Liberals have become recluse on policy.

The argument goes that the Conservatives will steal the policies and thus get the credit for all our Liberal work. This argument should be seen in a completely different light considering the trends in the polls. It would be better at this point to reap as much of the benefits as possible from policy proposals, as this would hopefully narrow the gap somewhat.

Neither does any of the benefits from these policies have to go to the Conservatives. If they are truly Liberal policies, they need to be hard for Harper acquiesce to. They should be on such wedge issues as the environment and force Harper to watch as the Liberals go where he would never be able to.

The time now is for policy. A general haziness surrounding Liberal ideas on crucial issues has succeeded, as much in obscuring policy as ultimately driving down the Liberals polling. It is time to propose policy, generate public debate, and reveal to the nation what makes us Liberals different from the governing neo-cons.
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  1. Great post. The differentiation must begin now!

  2. I never understood why political parties were scared of the Gov stealing their ideas. IMO it is better they steal your ideas instead of using their "bad ideas" to govern. that should especilly be the case in a minority sitation.

  3. mark..the day before Paul Martin got minority in 2004...strategic post 42 cons..28 liberals....so dont worry about this poll...they are liars...he is a harddoneby liberal with a pickaxe....good blog...granny

  4. With the climate change conference coming up in Copenhagen, now would be an ideal time for Ignatieff to outline some environmental policies. Given the recent Greenpeace protests against Tar Sands climate crime, a good start would be to provide some details on his plans to "clean up" this environmental nightmare. LMA

  5. Good post, Marc. I agree. Some other policies which I would like the Liberal Party of Canada to adopt surround poverty, the environment, health care affordability, technology for the future, targeted infrastructure spending (not partisan!) toward a sustainable future, reinstitution of the Court Challenges program, more funding for women and children, alleviation of the Aboriginal community problems of poverty, poor education and health care and addictions, and on and on and on. These are all issues which this government has abolished or ignored so I don't think the Tories would steal them.

  6. I agree. I think the realities for people with disabilities have moved backwards under the Conservatives, and I truly worry what they'd do with a majority. I think people should be very concerned about these people getting a majority.


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