Sunday, October 4, 2009

Get Ignatieff to do a Troika

Stephen Harper broke out of his mould yesterday evening, playing a Beatles hit song well enough to earn a standing ovation. Looking past the quality of the signing and playing, which I have to say were pretty good, it may mean that we have an election on our hands. After all, Harper suddenly rid himself of a deep seated aversion to galas, which begs the question why? An election in the works is a convincing argument.

In light of this, the Liberals will have to respond with making Ignatieff doing something that shows another side of his personality, much as Stephane Dion did at the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner:

What about troika with the national ballet? Ignatieff's got russian ancestry after all.

Or something else along those lines. As long as it's not an Isaiah Berlin lecture. I fully support Ignatieff giving such lectures. But now it is required that Ignatieff show that there is more to him than the professor. Stephen Harper has put the ball into Ignatieff and all the other leaders' courts. If they don't react quickly, he will have secured a noticeable amount of positive public opinion as a result.

And then he can get high with the help of the whole nation.
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