Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Conservatives Silence Deafening on Partisan Cheques

In today's Question Period, Michael Ignatieff asked the following from the Prime Minister:

Would the Prime Minister now rise in his seat and admit what has been true all along, that his office is behind this scheme?

You would expect either an admission or a proper explanation of the scandal when it is this important. Instead, the House and Canadians got this:

“Obviously it is normal that the members who are championing those projects would want to take credit for those projects,” he said. “We insist that they follow the rules. Obviously we would encourage the opposition members to do the same thing. These are important projects for their ridings as well and they should be backing them and pushing them forward.”

Clearly, the PM is avoiding the question. And why? Because the answer is that he did know, and that this would certify the true extent of this scandal.

In fact, as Mr Layton further remarked, it is very much like the sponsorship scandal. Guess Steve never thought he'd be caught doing what he came into office to stop.
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