Monday, July 6, 2009

CRTC supports local channels, how about the CBC?

The CRTC has just announced that it will provide support to local channels to the tune of 100 million $ this year, up from 68 million$, ostensibly because Canadians value local programming. With the entire economy struggling, it is clear that these local channels will be the most affected.

However, that is not to say that national channels and broadcasters, such as the CBC, don't have their own problems in this recession. They have had much-needed loans refused, and as a result they have needed to cut 800 jobs, rerun programming and reduce the amount of original programming.

Not to say that the local stations are not deserving of the funding, and that they don't need it, but the CBC is just as deserving, if not more. After all, it is a symbol of our national unity. It binds the country together.

It's difficult to believe that there isn't just as much interest in the CBC as local channels. It all looks like a case of the government telling the CRTC that the economic downturn is a perfect opportunity to bleed the CBC a bit. Meanwhile, it's important to make sure that local channels survive, probably with special emphasis on channels owned by influential people.

It would fit perfectly into the narrative formed by the Conservative refusal of a loan to the CBC. Not to mention ideological stances of conservatives in general.

What should have been done would have been funding for both.
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  1. Harper will see to it they do not. He hates the CBC......always has. It is too bad, but that is how it is.

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  4. What? A billion of our tax dollars arent enough? I don't understand you people,if we keep putting billions of our tax dollars year in and year out into the CBC they will never become profitable. Why you ask,simple. There wouldn't be any incentive to do so because they know that,they will keep getting the funding no matter how crapy some of their shows are. Ever wonder why the CBC isn't leading all the tv networks with the tv the ratings in this country. You don't think that,they should be the number one tv network with the budget that they have?

  5. The loan that was requested was simply that, a loan. The government would have gotten it back. And why was it asked for? Because the CBC, like everyone else in these tough economic times, needs help.


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