Friday, July 17, 2009

Harper creating ads attacking his own party

Stephen Harper must be a great strategist to be able to pull such a stunt off. To run ads that eventually reduce public support for your own party is certainly something that hasn't been tried before.

Hay Research International has released the results of a survey they conducted concerning one of the "Michael Ignatieff: Just Visiting" ads, and the numbers come out decidedly against the Conservatives. (numbers here)

In total, 59 % of respondents said that they "had a less positive view of the Conservative Party as a result of this ad. 38% of respondents who voted for the Conservatives in the last election had this response.

In contrast, only 48% of all respondents said the same of the Liberals, and only 20% of Liberal supporters said this ad made them view the Liberals less favourably.

Furthermore 56% of respondents expressed their dislike of this ad. This means that, not only is Stephen Harper hurting the cause of his party, he's hurting the cause of all politicians. Well done, Steve.
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