Friday, July 24, 2009

Compromises and why evangelicals should give their heads a shake.

Even with the plethora of political parties in Canada, it is highly unlikely that any single political party comprehensively represents anyone's views. For that reason, although I am an evangelical christian, I support the Liberal party of Canada, and not the Conservatives or the Christian Heritage Party.

In discussions on one of the posts at Canadian Soapbox, I commented that in fact Christian evangelicals should be just as likely to vote for the Liberals as the CHP or the Conservatives. Immediately a CHP supporter let all hell break loose. Why? Because, being a Christian, I decided there were other things than personal morality issues that should determine how I vote.

There is a social morality too, and Jesus talked far more about giving to the poor and caring for the oppressed than about homosexuality. I am not saying that Jesus supports homosexuality, as the incensed CHP supporter maintained.

One has to make a tradeoff. And Jesus talked a whole lot more about certain issues than others. This same CHP supporter said that they support limited government. Well, that is not a position I believe Jesus would have taken. Evangelicals need to give their head a shake and realize the Liberal party, and maybe even the NDP, are in line with many of Jesus' teachings, far more than the Cons or the CHP.

These sorts of dilemmas applies to anyone, not just those with religious affiliation.
There are always compromises one has to make if one is to choose a political party to support. If one unconditionally subscribes to all the tenets of a political party, then they are likely either its founder, or a blind follower.
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  1. Interesting points. While lots of Christians support the Liberals or the NDP, I don't think the number is very high among evangelical Christians. In the US, white evangelicals overwhelmingly vote Republican - around 80% I think. In Canada, we don't have the detailed exit polls to give us this information, but one poll in 2006 suggested a similar trend in Canada.

  2. I agree. In fact, it's obvious that a left-of-center party is more in-line with Jesus' teachings because the left is where compassion and empathy live.

    The right however, have perfected public relations and talking points. They have repeated the lie often enough that they are the voice of family, morality, etc. The same applies to fiscal responsibility. All talk from the right without evidence to support their claims.

    It's far worse in the USA where there are more people who are easily fooled. Unfortunately, we do have a lot of dumb people in Canada too. I'm encouraged by posts like this which show that people can be Christian and reasonable at the same time.

  3. According to a Vancouver sun story roughly 75% of Canadians who identify themselves as evanelical or 'born again' Christians voted Conservative in the 2006 election...which is pretty much identical to Fundamental Christian voting pattern in the US with the GOP.

    But the fundamentalist constituency in Canada is much smaller on a per capita basis than in the US.

  4. I'm glad you have personal religious beliefs. I'm glad that we live in a nation were you can discuss these beliefs with anyone who wants to listen to them. What I fear is the current government is allowing these personal beliefs shape public policy, basically the Harper "Reformatories" working to impose these personal beliefs on those who don't share them. I don't want to live in a fundamentalist christian theocracy! For this reason I will work to see the current gov't defeated in the upcoming federal election!!!

  5. As a gay man, likewise, I do not particularly support Evangical Christians, and their lifestyles, but I care none as long as we are working on common goals and there is respect.

    The basic tenants of spirituality is about respect, bestowing upon to others, and in some religions dealing with the most marginalized in our society. Judgment stays out of it, and I wish that religion was not used for division, and could return to its non-distorted roots.

  6. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada just published a 10 year survey based on polls and Elections Canada data.

    Bene Diction


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