Sunday, September 6, 2009

Transcript of French Language Liberal ads Released Sep 6 2009

Translation: Four years and three environment ministers were enough for Canada to become the worst country in the G8 in regards to fighting climate change and still today, the Harper government still lacks a plan to turn around this situation. Like you, I think it is high time for Canada to lead again on the international scene. Because we deserve better.

Translation: When the Harper government tells you in the same year that there will be no recession, and then that there will be no deficit, to finally tell you that there is a recession, and that we will have a record deficit of $50 billion, it shows that this government is completely disconnected from reality and irresponsible. It is high time to put Canada back onto the path of prosperity. Because we deserve better.
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  1. reading between the lines, the libs signed Kyoto and that was it - emissions grew under their watch.

    Reading of ad 2: the libs propped the Harper agenda on because Harper sought the confidence of the libs, and 79 votes and counting, they had it.

  2. Back then if the Liberals did not prop up the government, there would have been an in hell many elections did the NDP want?

  3. yawn, Jan you are ever so dull and moonbatty


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