Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liberal Website Needs to Mobilise Supporters More

Upon comparison of the Conservative party website, and the Liberal website, one feature stands out as a source of difference. Whereas the Conservative website has a feature in which they help you write to editors of newspapers, call in to radio shows, and sign letters supporting Conservative policy, such features are absent from the Liberal domain in cyberspace.

The usual participative activities are there, such as contributing, getting the word out to your family and friends, along with of course, joining the party. Which shows that the Liberal Party are being less creative with their website.

While it is true that they have a youtube channel, links to liblogs, and facebook groups, these are technologies that albeit new, are so commonplace that it would be absurd not to have them. They have become so integral in daily life that this is nothing new, really.

The Conservative measures are particularly helpful in affecting public opinion, as talk shows and newspapers are the sources for many people's opinions. Offering points to use in these letters and calls not only ensures that more are being made, but that they are coherent as a whole.

That is the key. The Conservatives are providing their supporters with a well-thought out message that they can disperse in society. The Liberals are failing to do so.

This may seem like a small consideration. However, this is not so. It is about helping people in exercising the greatest influence they can on the public discourse. There are few greater ways that your supporters aid you.
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  1. Take a look at what the Conservatives actually tell you to write to newspapers and say to talk radio:
    - Lowest unemployment in 33 years
    - Liberal surpluses evil
    So yeah they haven't updated that section it 2 years. So while I agree with what you are saying, it should be noted that for whatever reason the Conservatives gave up on doing that themselves a long time ago.

  2. Im am going to start calling talk radio shows using the talking points from 2007... just to see what their reaction is.

  3. I don't know. I found it pretty objectionable when the Conservative website added their little talking points widget, and you can see the results in the Borg-like comments on news websites.

    It might be good strategy, but is that what we really want? Is that who we are?


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