Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Harper Utters "M" Word

At a meeting for party faithful in Sault Ste Marie, Stephen Harper dared utter the "M" word in connection with his party. Yes, Stephen Harper is talking about the country giving him a majority. And not just for any reason, no it's because there's a coalition out there just waiting to usurp all our democratic rights and turn us into a banana republic. Apart from the rhetoric addressed to those who still believe and trust the PM, what does this mean?

Obviously, Harper is drawing confidence from his recent uptick in support in recent polls, and the concurrent decline in Ignatieff's numbers.

However, this indicates more than a simple buoying of confidence. Talking of a majority was taboo during the last two election campaigns, after such musings in 2004 might have cost the CPC their government benches. Therefore, it would seem that Harper is highly confident. It is also possible, but less likely, that the PM has chosen a change in tactic just because he thinks it may work better this time.

Let's go with the assumption that Stephen Harper is highly confident. Should he be this confident? I would say no. The two most recent polls I know of are a Strategic Counsel poll and a Harris Decima poll. Both show him ahead of the Liberals, but the Harris Decima poll significantly less so. And the SC have previously ranked the Greens highest in Quebec, and are giving the BQ their highest polling since 2004. Sound reliable?

Calling for a majority could have momentous influence on the election campaign, as such utterances by Harper have only been behind closed doors. With this leak, harper shows he's being overconfident in his strategy of attacking an imaginary coalition and thereby claiming government. I guess he hasn't seen another poll saying 55% of Canadians now support a coalition in a future minority Parliament.
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  1. Harper's talking "majority" to the faithful because he knows that if they don't make it this time out, he and his party are toast.
    The mythical coalition Harper likes to characterize as so wicked and evil and undemocratic--if it still existed, it would represent the majority of Canadians. Harper's biggest problem is that lives in a democracy,
    and wants to be a dictator.

  2. I suppose that the LIberals would NEVER use the "M" word?

    Get a life, All parties would like a majority ... even the great NDP, [who is actually the oficial opposition party - unlike the Liberals who seem to vote for anything the Cons put forward.]

    Why don't the Liberals present some policies rather than oppose what the Cons are doing. Has creativity left the Liberals? Give Canadians something to compaire policies rather than criticize constantly. So much for Iffy saying that he would never do personal attacks on other political leaders [the Cons in particular.]


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