Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's with this government and protecting its citizens?

It would seem that a recent policy change has been arrived at in Ottawa: don't act in the interests of Canadian citizens abroad, even if it's for their safety. Remember Mohamud? Well now the saga of Omar Khadr continues.

Ottawa has decided to appeal a decision of the Appeals Court to the Supreme Court of Canada. The Appeals Court ruling stated that Canada should endeavor, by all means possible, to repatriate Khadr.

Through some singular reasoning, Ottawa has decided that because of the severity of Khadr's alleged crimes, he needs to suffer in Guantanamo. Not to mention that Ottawa has failed to take into account significant evidence which seems to strike at the base of the case against Khadr.

Why is it that Canada is the only Western country that still has one of its citizens in Guantanamo? The answer to that question is likely not because Khadr was the most reprehensible criminal there. It would seem instead that the answer lies not in the severity of the charges facing Khadr, but rather in the character and ideology of our government.

At a time when all the other Western nations have rescued their citizens from Guantanamo, Ottawa watches on as Khadr wallows in Guantanamo Bay, where he was tortured once.

Some may say that the Liberals did not manage to bring Khadr home either. That may be the case, but at least they did not intentionally obstruct his return to Canada, and especially when a federal court recommended his repatriation.

Omar Khadr is not being suitably protected by his government. Suad Hagi Mohamud was stranded in Kenya because of government inactivity and lack of concern. When will this government realize that to govern Canada means to act in Canadians' interest?
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  1. A lot of hypocracy on the Liberal blogs these days. Nothing waa done when the Liberals were in power but now its the Conservatives who are mean-spirited.


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