Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NDP winning the next election?

As I was visiting the NDP site, I found an invitation from Jack Layton encouraging me to go to the Halifax convention and help the party lay the foundations for winning the next election. Now I know that Layton can't demoralize his base by admitting how unlikely that is. Not to mention that an election could come as early as this fall, in which case there will be very little time to lay winning foundations. Anyway here it is...

"I invite you to join me - and thousands of New Democrats from across Canada - in Halifax this August. Together we’ll build our Party and lay the foundation for winning the next election.

With a Prime Minister who’s not sure how to handle this economic crisis, everyday Canadians are relying on New Democrats for leadership that will put them first.

This is your chance to make a real difference.

Canada can come out of this crisis stronger, greener and more prosperous than ever. But we have much work to do. I’m counting on you for all your ideas and your energy to help get us there.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and start building the Canada we want – one where the middle-class and the most vulnerable aren’t left behind.

I’ll see you in Halifax.

Jack Layton"
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  1. The NDP are going to become meaningless after the next election. I see them getting wrapped up into the Liberal party by next July.

  2. People have been saying that for years and years Anonymous . . . I think it is very amusing that as Capitalism gasps and stutters around the world, a fact which is making NDP types of policies more relevant than ever, people are predicting the end of not only the NDP but of any party that actually questions the status quo of the US inspired market model. Over the next twenty years as the middle-class really begin to disappear all over the globe and people see the real effects of multinational power, we have two choices; a move toward more socialism or a move toward barbarism. Take your pick.

  3. kirbycairo has a point. Although I don't think the choice is as clear cut, it still is a fact that capitalism as it is is unhealthy at best. For evidence, just look at the recession. In fact, capitalism to some extent relies on them.

  4. Methinks Jack's an old time pot smoker just like me in my youth! DELUSIONAL!


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