Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ignatieff squanders opportunity, again

Today Harper announced that his government would be working "to see her [Suaad Haji Mohamud] get on a flight back to Canada." What, you say, did Ignatieff offer up on the subject? What grand and eloquent words did he use in his defence of Mohamud against a neglectful government? Nothing.

With the end result being that Harper emerges virtually unscathed from an opportunity for the opposition to expose the sheer callousness of this government.

One wonders what Ignatieff will speak out on right now. Not much it looks like.
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  1. It's part of a longer term strategy. Stay low and out of the media and think about policy with bigger thoughts. Short term pain for long term gain.

  2. If you go to, you will find what ignatieff says about it there.

  3. That's funny Anonymous! The Liberals long term strategy seems to be nothing more that constantly run scared from the Conservatives and fail at every opportunity to do or say anything significant.

  4. Hmmm....and kirbycairo has a long term strategy to attack Liberals whenever he/she can and as often as he/she can.


  5. I can appreciate and agree that it may be necessary to stay back and contemplate larger policy issues.

    However, it doesn't take much thought to issue a statement to the press, or talk to them, about this issue. It's not as if it's a matter of national policy. It's about being caring and having the interests of Canadians at heart when their government doesn't seem to.

  6. Ignatieff does care about this issue. If you go to you'll see a press release that was issued.

  7. A press release on their website? You don't say! I'm sure Canadians from across Canada just clammer to get onto the LPC website so they can get Iggy's next press release. Way to get the message out!!!


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