Thursday, August 6, 2009

Regressive Harmonized Sales Tax creating disharmony

The Harmonized Sales Tax has certainly not lived up to its billing, disharmonizing rather than harmonizing. And it's no wonder.

The HST being proposed in BC is not solely harmonizing the GST and the PST. In fact, it would seem its chief aim is to expand the PST, not harmonize the already existing provincial tax with the federal one.

To announce this new tax in the middle of a recession shows how unconcerned the Conservatives and BC Liberals are by the more unfortunate members of Canadian society. How? Well, it's evident that it's going to hit harder in the middle of a recession than it would otherwise.

But what's more is that the HST, like all sales taxes, is regressive. That means that the percent of one's income that is used to pay the tax is greater the lower your income bracket.

This tax could be seen as being an artificial way of reducing provincial deficits. But it's worse than that. It is creating a greater economic divide between Canadians.

Not to mention an ever decreasing trust of politicians who promise one thing, and deliver another.
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  1. Question . . . didn't they just adopt this tax in Ontario??? Isn't Ontario run by Liberals???
    The BC Tax doesn't start till July 2010 . . . "Middle of a recession" . . . next july . . . what's your point???
    Another confounding liberal post.


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