Friday, August 14, 2009

The possible excuse for Ignatieff's silence

In the last few federal elections, there has been only one instance of a grand idea being at the centre of a party's platform, a grand idea that could be the basis of a wide-ranging, encompassing and compelling debate. If Ignatieff is preparing his first move in such a debate, then his summer hibernation would be warranted.

For one, this would ensure that Ignatieff would not need to tip his hand too much on other issues, as the media would be focused instead on his grand "idea", and so would Harper and his cronies. This would also provide an opportunity to conceptualise new policies.

Not only that, but coming up with a grand "idea", if done right, can interest people in politics more than business as usual. People get engaged, and they get to meet the new leader who proposed such an idea.

And, as an added bonus, it motivates young people to come out and vote, and youth vote more consistently for the Liberals and the NDP.

Let's hope this is what Ignatieff has been up to.
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  1. I hope you're right YL. After reading your post I even consider it a strong possibility. I'm still wavering between the Libs, NDP...and still giving May and the Greens some consideration. Iggy is great at speaking in generalities, but in an election he'll need something more substantial if he's hoping of securing a mandate.

  2. Then again, maybe his big idea is no idea at all.
    doesn't he owe it to his grassroots to at least hint that he has something going on? After all, EI isn't going to sweep him to victory.

  3. I think it's simply about denying the Conservatives a target to shoot at, denying them the chance to construct a strawman.

  4. Just remember that even if that's true it doesn't mean I'm going to be persuaded by his grand idea. He's had others like the lesser evil, coercive interrogations, Iraq war, Quebec nation amendment, etc. I understand, that's who he is and that's fine ... at least with those who like his positions. But I've personally disagreed with far too many of his grand ideas to think I'm going to agree with whatever he comes up with over the summer ... that is if he isn't just sipping drinks at his chalet.

  5. 'I think it's simply about denying the Conservatives a target to shoot at, denying them the chance to construct a strawman.'

    That theory only works if you think it would take the Cons 35 days to construct a strawman!
    It took PMSH 24 hours to successfully attack the coalition.

  6. I don't know. Good government, as in good management of any organization or company, is doing hundreds of things right.No "grand" idea can replace the day to day unsexy but needed responsible management within dozens of ministries and programs. Liberals don't need a big "new Coke" fiasco again - just to show at least some understanding of Canada's day to day needs.
    Incremental and pragmatic and keeping the reality of the world situation in mind which changes almost daily.
    As long as Ignatieff is expected to win with a new big idea and a slogan he, and Canadians, lose don't you think.

  7. Ignatieff did not spend a gret deal of time out East, as is not coming to Ontario.

  8. I want someone to tell me where Ignatieff is leading us. But what I am told is to just follow. Sorry for actually asking what it is I'm supporting and working for.


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