Sunday, August 30, 2009

Liberals looking more ready for an election than in a long time

Today the Liberals announced that they would be running a $2 million ad campaign to boost Ignatieff's image and make him more familiar with the electorate. Equally important for signs of a healthy party is that the party has finally caught up to the CPC in fund-raising. They raised as much as the Tories did in the second quarter. And as we all know, one of the reasons Harper has won the past two elections is that he had much deeper pockets than the Liberals.

What with Harper giving an interview designed to present him as a family man to a Quebec magazine, you know that both parties are considering a fall election as a possibility. And finally, it looks like the field is evening out.

For that reason, coupled with the need for the Liberals to take a stand in opposing this government, a fall election seems as good a bet as any. If Ignatieff performs well at the start of the next session and sees a corresponding rise in the polls, he would be well advised to pull the trigger. And the Conservatives may just help him with one of their incessant scandals/mess ups.
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  1. The Liberals had their convention in the 2nd quarter which is why their numbers are up. If they can sustain those I'll be impressed, but I think they'll be coming down quite a bit in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

  2. It's true that that was the real beginning of Ignatieff's leadership, but it is still quite a considerable feat to have equaled the Conservative fundraising machine. It's an indication that the party's getting healthier.

  3. Hop that they will pay back Canadians the money promised taken from Ad-scam [and the money from EI payments into General funds by ALL Canadians - this would even make me consider that the LIberals care about the working Canadians.] That's millions from Ad-scam and billions from EI Payments [At least the Cons started putting the money into an EI account not accessable by Government in power - we would not have the problen if the 50 Billion were in EI account where it should have been put in the first place.]

    Second, where are any policies? Everybody knows where the NDP and Bloc stand, but what will the LIberals do? The Liberals encouraged the Cons to have more in spending in the budget then demanded more after it was passed?

    I hope an election is called, because if Iffy doesn't cause the government to fall he will be compaired to DeYawn as a Conservative back bancher supporting the Cons.

    Please, please call an election - let the Canadians decide. [Still the NDP or Bloc have to vote along with the Liberals.]


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