Sunday, May 10, 2009

What is the link between Stephen Harper's ketchup choice and small government?

I assume everyone knows about Mustardgate, the latest political scandal. Apparently, when one is in politics, the choice of condiment on a hamburger tells all, from your attitude towards the social classes to your stance on Health Care. After all, is that really as much of a stretch as claiming, from Obama's choice of Dijon mustard, that he is an elitist.

This absolutely mindless and stupid argument is driven by conservatives who've got nothing better to criticize.

I mean, if Obama's mustard says so much about him, let's check Harper's ketchup choice. He probably uses Heinz Low Fat, showing how he likes small government. Which of course is true, but you don't need to examine his choice of ketchup to know that. To look at whether Obama uses French's or Dijon really doesn't mean anything, and it would be welcomed if for once, we looked at the policies of our political leaders, instead of their personalities, or, if all else fails, their taste for food.

Get real.
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