Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chalk River leak reveals who are the elitists, and no it's not Ignatieff

As was predicted by Linda Keen a year and a half ago, the reactors at Chalk River have run into a new series of problems, and being one of two sets of reactors producing critical medical isotopes, these problems are of quite a stature. A heavy water leak is the problem this time. And, much to Conservative anguish, this could have been prevented, by their government. If only they weren't elitists.

Who fired Linda Keen for informing government that the best strategy would be to renovate the reactors? The Conservatives. And when did they fire her? At 10 o'clock at night. The Conservatives look more and more awkward on this issue. They looked awkward then, but think of what they look like now.

They fired, in a very ungraceful manner, the person who predicted this whole fiasco. And now, either they implement the strategy that she suggested, or we are hit with another such event a few years down the road. Meanwhile, Harper will also face international pressures to bite the bullet and admit that Keen was right, as a result of the international reliance on this reactor.

Of concern here is that this is a trend in the Conservatives governing patterns. They continuously have proven to be elitist, arrogant and brutish, not accepting the advice of their civil service. So really, who is the elitist in Canadian politics at the moment. It could possibly not be Harper, but it certainly is not Ignatieff, and it's one of the two.
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  1. "...or we are hit with another such event a few years down the road."

    Sooner than that I predict. And there were 3 incidents of heavy water leakage late last fall, & I believe, in Jan. of this year. Nothing was shut down & Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt, this being her portfolio, said she "was looking into it". We haven't heard another thing from her since.

    I'm not exactly certain on my dates of the other leakages but James Curran has posted on it at his blog:


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