Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carole James: "4 more years would be too much"

Before all the Carole James supporters jump on me for this inconsiderate slur against their beloved leader, let me say that it is for no personal reason that I would call for Carole James to step down. She is a good leader, who has managed to consolidate once more the BC NDP vote after the disastrous 2001 outing. For this she is to be respected.

The fact is that all the act of consolidating this vote was done four years ago. The numbers that came out tonight are in essence representative of the status quo. So, in four years as Opposition Leader, she has not managed to lead the NDP anywhere nearer to the Promise Land. This in itself would be reason enough for her to step down.

Why? Well, because Gordon Campbell, in those four years, gave her even more ample ammunition with which to puncture his "it's a big job" bubble. He has been repeatedly arrogant, and has failed even more in his policies. The only one in which he has effected positive change is the carbon tax. Quite a few options for Carole James.

To compound the problem, this election was of great importance. As the leader of the NDP says in her ads "8 years is enough" Let me posit that "12 years have been torture" be the new slogan. I think we all know the torture being described: lack of hospital beds, corruption, low minimum wage, government for my friends etc... And it is thanks to Carole James that we have to adopt this slogan.

With such an important election, James needed to win. The fact is that she didn't and let down BC. She has stalled for four years. She failed to win a crucial election, or for that matter to increase her seat count. Next time we need to be able to beat Premier Campbell. Next time, it is sad to say, we need someone other than Carole James.
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