Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Harper sees the grand scheme of things to everyone's benefit, for once

Yesterday, the European Union announced that it would be putting a ban on products from the seal hunt industry. According to the EU, this practice is inhumane and unacceptable. This has obviously raised the ire of many Canadians as it is an industry on which many in the northern parts of our country rely on.

At the same time, a free trade deal between the European Union and Canada is being negotiated by Harper. Today Harper made the sensible move, evaluating the importance of the seal hunt and economic relations with the EU and coming up with the right conclusion.

Although the seal hunt industry may be important in some parts of the country, the economic benefits of free trade with the EU are much greater. The decision was clear.

Canada is being offered a chance to trade with Europe's economy like no other nation worldwide. It would be depressing to lose this opportunity over a conflict about the humanity of the seal hunt industry.

Harper's clear intent of brushing the seal hunt obstacle aside led to an interesting use of terminology. The whole disagreement on that issue is being termed merely "philosophical".

Although this is not the case, it is clear that confrontations that would prevent the unprecedented agreements being negotiated would be unwanted and detrimental.

Harper is finally showing some understanding of the whole scheme of things. In fact, maybe he realizes that a successful deal would be a useful election tool. For it most certainly would be.
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