Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Conservatives Making Shameful Use of Shock Politics

When Dmitri Soudas brought the media's notice to the incident that occurred in the arctic yesterday between two Russian bombers and two CF-18s, the intention was obvious. The Russian military often performs exercises in the Arctic near our airspace, about 12-17 times a year. Today's news was nothing of consequence.

Except for the fact that it was motivated by a desire to shock Canadians into plumping for the purchase of 65 F-35s to replace the CF-18s. This is flagrantly obvious, as such events are not normally brought to the public's attention. But with the government announcement of the purchase of the F-35s, they need some sort of justification for this $9billion and up purchase.

Does the government really believe that it can make most Canadians believe we are in danger from the Russians because they are performing routine exercises? They should be ashamed of trying to deceive the public this way.

PS: on a side note, the TU-95 Russian bombers (nicknamed bear) entered service in the Soviet airforce in 1956 and are intended for use until 2040. In comparison, the CF-18s were first put into service in 1983.
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  1. If left to the Liberasls, they's still have solid green uniforms, M113s and the tudor jets the Snowbirds are still flying.
    The only time they bought something new is when it was made in Quebec and some party insider got a kick back.


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