Sunday, November 22, 2009

Please Sir, May we Have Some Policy?

We are almost 3 months removed from Ignatieff's threat to topple the government. Yet, one of the seeming reasons for the resulting plunge in voter support remains persistent: the total lack of policy.

It has been 10 months since Ignatieff assumed the mantle of the Liberal leadership, but as of yet precious little has been offered on the policy front. The meager offerings are hardly what you would build a campaign around. The closest that Ignatieff has come to outlining what his platform consists of is to announce that the environment will be central. A rousing rallying cry to stem the tide of voters heading, some grudgingly, into the awaiting Tory arms.

This is one of the main problems with Ignatieff's leadership to date. All we know that he stands for is that most of it is contrary to what Stephen Harper stands for. Which is a good start I guess, if you hadn't realized that is the reason the Liberals and Conservatives are two separate parties.

As concerns what Ignatieff would do for Canada if he were to be Prime Minister, it remains in a hidden by a fog surrounding the OLO. What would he do for the environment, on health care, on the economy? The answer is we don't know. No one can know.

Therefore it is unsurprising that Ignatieff is doing so badly in the polls. More than a revamped OLO, he needs policy. Supposedly he's in politics because he has ideas for this country. The revamped OLO should encourage him to make these known to the world. And fast, before the public, instead of wondering when the policy will come, will wonder whether the said policies even exist. This will inevitably open a Pandora's Box of questions that will further weaken Ignatieff.

In light of this, is it really too much to ask: Please sir, may we have some policy?
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  1. I'm sitting out the next election. My riding will go LPC anyhow but the party is doing 4/5ths of SFA right now.

    Can't even keep party unity with Dion's wife going off half cocked. If you have nothing good to say, STFU!

  2. Ignatieff should be removed for complete incompetence and then we can have the leadership race we were SUPPOSE to have.

  3. In absence of any policy and who in the general public really pays any attention to policy. We should be pointing out how we would be doing things better, heck my dog could do better that this bunch.
    At least she is honest and trustworthy.


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