Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Make all the evidence available

In Question Period today, the focus was on the proper disclosure of evidence for the special committee on Afghanistan's investigation into the transfer of prisoners in Canadian hands to Afghan torturers. It would seem that, despite ubiquitous assertions that the government is providing all documents necessary, this is not the case.

In the House today, Stephen Harper referred to the desire of NDP MP Paul Dewar and others on the committee to delay the testimony of key witnesses, such as David Mulroney, who was the manager of the government's Afghanistan Task Force at the time pertaining to the allegations. These opposition MPs are planning on refusing his testimony until they receive the documents they deem necessary for their investigation: cabinet minutes, memos from Richard Colvin to the government and vice versa, etc...

So both sides seem to be withholding information from the public. Indeed, this is the impression Mr. Harper wants to create. However, in the proper chain of events, documents should be provided first, so that the interrogation of witnesses is pertinent and fully informed. This will not be the case until all the relevant ministers disclose relevant memos, cabinet minutes, and Richard Colvin and other diplomats' memos.

Therefore, in actual fact, it is Stephen Harper delaying the full availability of evidence. Indeed, he is delaying the testimony of witnesses that he professes to want to hear. Go figure.
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  1. I know you will not publish this because you have never published any of my comments because I expose the truth that you and LIEberals do not want.

    I came across an interesting comment, and if true this whole thing will backfire.

    "Liz: Libs should take a deep breath. First Mr Colvin’s own admission, he came to Afhganistan in May 2006 the abuse he referred to in his memos pertain to January 2006 and probaly before. These allegations prompted the Conservatives to strength the prisoner transfer agreement and allow for better access to monitor the detainees.Paul Martin’s transfer agreement was a haphazardly designed plan which did not allow for Canadian forces, Red Cross or Human RIghts groups to go in and review the treatment."

    I think your former PM Paul Martin should be called and asked if he knew about the torture. The Cons, I am not a member of any political party, as soon as they found this out stopped the transfer of prisioners until the present system is used.

    Just to let you know this could backfire, so be careful what you publish. I think the Cons should look at the recoreds while the LIEberals were in power, then see what hapens. LIEberals should be afraid, very afraid if the truth be known.

    Clown Party

  2. Honestly, someone should come up with a Godwin-esque law for someone who unironically uses the term 'LIEberals' in a discussion.

  3. I got the term LIEberal when the LIEberals said they would get rid/change the GST. I even fell for the LIE and voted LIEberal. Ever since they have kept very few promises - therefore LIEberals. Besides, LIEberals make good Conservative back-benchers - always voting for bills that the Cons want.

    I see you agree with me though, I do hope that they bring in thre history of the LIEberals handing over the Taban.

    Clown Party

  4. Anonymous 1, for your information, my comments publication is always open. I've never moderated it.

    And I would advocate calling in Paul Martin, if it proves relevant to the inquiry. However, as of yet, the allegations are that the Conservatives did not act after they were notified of the torturing of transferred prisoners.

    The evidence so far does not warrant a claim that Paul martin knew of any such torture. No one claiming so has come forward, unlike with the case of Richard Colvin and the Conservatives.


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