Thursday, November 12, 2009

Canada's Forces More Important than the Charter?

The new citizen guide for immigrants released today by the government reflects a new and somewhat distressing view of Canada. In the new document, great emphasis is put on Canada's military history and the importance of the Queen. This instead of such important topics as health care and the Charter. As Kady O'Malley puts it "while the Charter of Rights does make a brief appearance, it seems somewhat overshadowed by the Magna Carta."

However, more concerning is that Canada's military history is given more importance than the issues that Canadians hold dear and are proud of, things like health care, the environment, and the Charter. In a nation that in the past has prided itself on the peacekeeping role of its military, why are we suddenly trumpeting the exploits of our military? Should prospective Canadians absolutely know about our role in World War I, a war that was horrific and in which we caused as much suffering as we suffered? No.

They should instead know about what truly makes a Canadian. And while Harper and his cronies might think it's about guns (long gun registry by the way) and war, most Canadians know better. The danger is that immigrants don't. And this is what they will be taught.
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  1. Um, Canada didn't start in 1967. We were a fighting nation long before we were peacekeepers, which is a relatively recent phenomenon. And speaking of World War I, I wonder if you cared to voice your opnions about Canada's role in that war on Remembrance Day?

    Liberal opinions of what makes Canada great are not the same thing as a factual history of Canada. Deal with it.

  2. "Um, Canada didnt start in 1967". Thanks for saying it anon.

    "Liberal opinions of what makes Canada great are not the same thing as a factual history of Canada. Deal with it."

    Brilliantly put.

    This is so typical of what you would expect a little brainwashed "young liberal" to say. So your grade 9 history teacher tells you that being canadian is about healthcare and the charter, and you bought it hook line and sinker. Poor kid.

    Educate yourself from non-politically correct sources and you will learn a great deal about this country.

    Things like the charter which you worship so much are only the culmination of a long history and tradition of liberalism (and by liberalism, i mean classical liberalism, which is closer to what the tories espouse today than the Liberals, who today are just mouthpieces for various preferred victim groups).

    And since you quote O'Malley re: the magna carta, you might be interested to know that the magna carta is the precursor to every document like the charter, the american bill of rights, and the UN declaration on human rights. In that sense, it is of far greater significance than our Charter, and forms part of the heritage we inherited from the British. And it dates from the 14th century, making it a few centuries ahead of its time.

    And the ideas which originated with the magna carta and culminated in the charter had to be defended and fought for throughout the centuries, and thousands of Canadians paid with their lives defending these ideas. It is absolutely disgusting, insulting and sickening to see a 16yo denigrate this for partisan purposes.

    You crapping on Canada's military achievments and boasting about the charter is like a someone bragging about his loaf of bread while
    insulting the farmer who grew the wheat.

    I understand you're just 16 and so there is hope for you yet. But unless your biggest ambition is to be a Liberal party hack, I suggest you expand your horizons beyond the myopic vision of today's so-called "progressive" crowd.

    Jerome Bastien

  3. I'm not proud of us fighting in a war like world war I which was largely unjustified. Our achievements in that war constitute a greater ability to kill, that's about it. As for WWII, that's a different matter. But to glory in these "military achievements" has not been part of Canadian identity. Ask anyone on the street what makes them proud to be Canadian, and the great majority will not respond with our military history.

    For your information, I did know about the Magna Carta and am well aware of its foundation of much of our democracy. The Magna Carta, which by the way was written in 1215, and thus is in the 13th century, does form part of our heritage. I'm not unhappy with its inclusion. But as for dedicating more space to it than the Charter, which has more importance in public debate and opinion than it, is odd to say the least. In daily life, the Charter has more importance now than the Magna Carta.

    Could you please indicate to me one instance in which we fought a war defending democracy, apart from in modern times? I doubt it. I'm not denigrating the sacrifice of some Canadians for these ideals. I am pointing out that this has not been the case, for the most part, the wars in which we have fought.

    To the first comment:

    I don't mind point out that WWI was a waste of blood, the mass execution of a generation. On any day.

    The facts of Canadian nationhood are what the majority of Canadians would feel is a description of Canada. And that is not pride in our military history.

  4. Maybe it is too late for this one.

    You my young friend do not truly understand the nature of the world.

    Most certainly, war of any kind is a waste of blood, but Canada has become what it is because of the strength of it's devotion to the cause of democracy and the bravery of it's people.

    The world is one hair out of the stone age...people kill each other all over the world with impunity. It is sad, but it is true.

    Next time you take a social studies test, when you are done, go find a soldier and thank him that you didn't have to take that test in German. Canada's percentage of population sacrifice in both world wars was the stuff of history.

    True fact is that Canada in the 20th century was a warrior nation...and we will continue to be until your teacher's liberal utopia can be attained. We are a hardy people that don't shirk our responsibility. Try and remember that next time you listen to a teacher that would be fine with dealing away your sovereignty.

    Man, I fear that 40 years of hardcore liberalism is turning us into a country of cowards and pussies.


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