Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stop Stephen the Creeper!

After all of yesterday's controversy surrounding the expulsion of two students at a Conservative rally, the Liberals are seeking to capitalize on this opportunity to show Canadians the type of anti-democratic organization Stephen Harper leads. They have done so through an original funny ad showing Stephen Harper creeping people on Facebook. Looks to me like a great way to connect with that elusive group of voters, the young. They will understand best what is going on in this video after all. Anyway, here it is...

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  1. What would be good is if the Liberals actually checked their own candidate's Facebook page to see if they were leaders of White Supremacy Groups and minor things like that before accepting them as candidates to run in a national election.

  2. Todays headline in the Globe and mail should be frightening to young and all people everywhere as a sign of the future "conspiracy of the corporations"

    My comments:
    James M. Convey
    3:55 PM on April 6, 2011
    Corporate executives today have more in common with marxist/socialist societal norms. Todays heavily monied multinationals are run by disingenuous executives that are more concerned with power than the good of their corporations their employees and their societies.
    From my website, a quote:

    "......... every corporation is lead by a Socialist pod of self-interested management, enriching themselves with unlimited wages disconnected from performance, at the expense of everyone else, including the company, the economy and overall society.

    Unless there is direct benefit to management, there will be no hiring. Unless there is a direct benefit to the management of banks, there will be no lending. Even Obama has miscalculated when he tampered with this Pod's unlimited wage entitlement.

    Extraordinary wages are a symptom of a problem, where a small socialist pod of mediocre men wield extraordinary power by hijacking the concentrating effects of the corporate structure..........."

    for more go to:

  3. Marc...... As a poli sci student, I would be interested in your youthful analysis of this: (From a comment to a partner blog "moderates perspective" to which I subscribe a lot).........

    "...............Winston Churchill : "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter"

    This is still a valid comment on the state of democracy for many modern day elitists. The problem appears to be that even Churchill understood that the average voter, if kept in a darkened place, was basically unable to grasp, what should be the reality of truth and consequence for ones actions.
    The American voter accordingly, has been deliberately "dumbed down" systematically, over a 30 year period, by a deliberate conspiratorial dynamic, emanating originally from the corporatists and the extreme right. Using these policies of power, and the manipulation of the individuals right to a free society, they have been successfully eliminated by this grasping power hungry "upper class" or "The new Romans" if you like?

    America is fast becoming a nation where servitude is the new norm, and the elite simply argue back and forth amongst themselves how best to rule the masses!
    The ruling parties after all having seemingly morphed into a small group of like minded power mongers, that care little for the sanctity of the American Republic or the rights of the individual......."

  4. Stephen Harper harps to American ideology 11 Apr 2011 08:27 AM PDT

    The more one listens to Stephen Harper the more one is reminded of the radical attitude of the tea party crowd to the extreme right of the US republican party. His political posturing of the last 2 years has taken on a frightful and radical right wing extremism

    That he seems to think that sensible Canadian conservatives will swallow this American ideological "hogwash" is indeed disconcerting. Canadian politics is not and has never been, about power in the hands of only those few, who can financially afford to support a candidate or party! Which is definitively the state of the American political dynamic at present. Given that corporate lobbying power is even now secured as sacrosanct, by their U.S. supreme court? Is this where Harper is leading us? Our political debate has always been about Canadian values, those of equality of access to an honest and decent living and an honest and decent government. Stephen has forgotten his roots! His desire to emanate his southern cousins in the tea party has become a dangerous obsession!

    He has lost us the respect of the UN. He has intimidated immigrants. He has chosen to bring his brand of evangelical christianity into the ideological debate, which causes me real concern, as I believe, as most conservatives do, in the definitive separation of Church and state! If he is going to mirror American values why not mirror the best ones? Those that garner real support of Canadian conservatives!

    Equally he continues to waste taxpayer dollars on flights of fancy as regards our arctic presence. Off shore Oil exploration as a potential priority for the far north? Fighter jets that do not serve the immediate needs of the Canadian military! Which is about safety equipment to protect the individual soldier in the field. If we are going to continue in these stupid war settings at the behest of America, then for Gods sake spend the money on our troops! Jet planes flying nowhere is a criminal waste of revenues.

    This long gun registry nonsense is also a non issue. Most Canadians are assuredly against violence and do support express control of the weapons of violence within our communities. The violence of gangs and their use of weaponry, that has recently exploded in several Canadian cities, needs the attention of our leaders and such weaponry indeed needs regulating and controlling! Whether they be long guns or short guns! The argument is moot! We have no "2nd amendment issue" in our Canadian constitution!

    Additionally this nonsensical emphasis upon the construction of a massive new prison system for this nation, makes absolutely no economic sense at all? A smarter and more cost effective approach would appear to be increased judicial oversight, and a more supportive dynamic of enforcement protocols at the street level. Better policing in other words, and a more cost effective job stimulation for our police forces. Stop crime before it occurs and the need for prisons is reduced, not increased!

    Regardless of the obvious lack of any exciting alternative selection, I am afraid I will, "even while holding my nose perhaps" have to consider voting in opposition to the radical ideology, that this Prime minister is wishing to foist upon Canadians. I for one will not give him my vote this time around!

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