Friday, March 25, 2011

Why Canadians Do (and SHOULD Want an Election)

After the Harper government fell today due to being found in contempt of Parliament, Stephen Harper uttered three falsehoods in his statement to reporters. Firstly, he maintained that there was nothing in the budget tabled this week that the opposition could disagree with, and that they voted him out of office anyway. This is to imply that he was ousted due to the opposition voting against the budget.

This is a barefaced lie! The government was defeated because it was FOUND IN CONTEMPT. Again, it was due to CONTEMPT. CONTEMPT for our democracy, for PARLIAMENT, for the Canadian PEOPLE. CONTEMPT because this government does not believe in the democratic IMPERATIVE that a government must present the full costs of its projects to the people and their representatives. On the F-35 fighter jet purchase, corporate tax cuts, and the building of prisons, the government did not provide full costing, to varying degrees. This government could not be clearer: it might talk about ACCOUNTABILITY, but it is anything but.

Harper is trying to create the illusion that his government fell on the budget. He is determined to convince the average Canadian voter this is the case, so that the whole issue of his government being in contempt will be obscured. He has no interest in being accountable to Canadians and telling them why he believes they and their representatives do not deserve to know where TAXPAYER money is going. Knowing the average level of political interest of Canadians, he knows this is as good a strategy as any.

Secondly, Harper and his Conservatives have kept pointing the finger at an imaginary coalition of all three opposition parties as responsible for bringing the government down. Yesterday, in the debate on the budget, Conservatives mentioned the word coalition 17 times. Does any coalition exist though? NO! A coalition would require a written agreement and commitment to vote together. No such thing exists. At the very least, this high level of COLLECTIVE HALLUCINATION should be a major cause of concern.

Finally, the third lie is that the opposition party leaders have pushed us into, and I quote, "an election that Canadians had told them clearly that they do not want." A survey on the CBC website shows that 47% want an election and 48% do not. The exaggerated claim that MOST Canadians do not want an election is simply not true.

Furthermore, Canadians definitely SHOULD want an election. This government has contempt for the people's representatives and for the PEOPLE themselves. They have contempt for democracy. They do not want to be accountable for OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

That is why the opposition parties voted them in contempt of Parliament and out of office. If Canadians care about their democracy, they will realize that they SHOULD vote in a new government.
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  1. The Coalition have to sell themselves more effectively in order to win.

  2. Hsrper's gang had snickering smiles on their faces, when they were voting against the motion. Makes one feel nauseated.

  3. Definitely felt the same thing here Annie.

  4. Thank you for revealing to us some of the ways in which the Conservative government was not transparent - and thereby not being accountable to the Canadian people. What guarantee do we have that the Liberals will not do the same thing? If the Liberals get a minority government, who would you recommend that they set up a coalition with? This is a great post Marc! Bien fait!

  5. I recommend no coalition. It's worked for Harper. There is no reason it shouldn't work for Ignatieff.

  6. I find that in the last decade I'm voting for parties in order to keep Conservatives out. Look at the world economy: thats the result of Conservative policies, privatization and deregulation. It almost destroyed civilization.

  7. "Does any coalition exist though? NO!"

    Actually the coalition agreement expires in June of 2011 [Iffy signed it - as if you did not know .... does his signature/word mean anything?]

    The same question should be asked to ALL LIEberals, Non-Democradic Party and the Black-mail Party. Seems that the Non-Democradic Party and the Black-mail Party have no problems with forming a coalition, and are not ashamed to tell voters so.

    Question: What happens if/when the Non-Democradic Party win more seats than Iffy, Does Laytin then become Prime Minister?

    Question: Are the LIEberals that still owe Elections Canada for leadership race - if they do, then there should be contempt of Parlament for them ... why should only LIEberals break rules and get away with them. They had so many extensions that they hope, if they get voted back, will just ask them to forget what they owe. Contempt .... LiEbral is thy name.

    Just some questions.


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