Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Canadian Democracy, Stupid

I humbly suggest this as a potential campaign slogan for Michael Ignatieff. It is clear, concise, and memorable. It also exactly communicates what this election is about. The election was triggered by our government's contempt for democracy, and the unwillingness of the Opposition to let such behaviour continue. Therefore, it only makes sense that the Liberal Party should keep this issue in the forefront of Canadians' minds.

The protection of Canada's democracy is the most important issue in this election. A democratic nation cannot afford to have a government refuse to present full costs for its projects. It cannot afford to have leaders in government lie to the people. It certainly cannot afford to have a government that has been willing, not once but twice, to silence opposition by not allowing the people's representatives to execute their proper functions.

These are the things that Stephen Harper has done. These are the things Michael Ignatieff must hold him accountable for. These are the things that must matter to Canadians. And in the past Canadians have shown that they do care. Witness the thousands all over the country that protested in 2010 against the government's prorogation of Parliament. This is an issue that, given the right kind of stimulation and leadership, Canadians will rally around.

This is why Michael Ignatieff should make a return to democratic government the central plank of his campaign. In an odd way, he can make it a wedge issue. After all, he is the only opposition leader that can bring to fruition the opposition's desire for an end to undemocratic government. Why? Because only the Liberals can form a democratic government in the situation we find ourselves in. The Bloc, by virtue of its very nature, cannot form government. The NDP, by virtue of its low poll standings, cannot form government either. Needless to say, the same goes for the Greens. The only two parties that can form government are the Conservatives or the Liberals. The former have shown their willingness to govern undemocratically. Therefore, the ONLY way to return democratic government to Canada is a LIBERAL GOVERNMENT. A vote for any other party increases the likelihood of further undemocratic government under Stephen Harper.

Michael Ignatieff needs to communicate this message to Canadians loud and clear. No other party can afford to do so as much. Harper can hardly afford to bring attention to his own undemocratic government. The NDP and the Bloc cannot afford to make a return to democratic government their main message, because neither is able to deliver on this issue. ONLY Michael Ignatieff can.

This wedge has to be driven home. And what better way to do so than to turn to Mr. Harper, and say "It's Canadian Democracy, Stupid"
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  1. This is dumb. Just because neither the Green Party or NDP could form a government based on the polls, DOESN'T mean that the only alternative left is to vote for the Liberals. You say that the only to bring back a democratic system to Canada is to vote for Ignatieff, I say, you are wrong sir. If it was that simple, if it was so simple to govern a country and make every single self-important person happy, then you sir, you could form a government with your circle of friends. Get a job.


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