Thursday, September 2, 2010

Absurd Logic of Opponents of Long gun Registry Revealed

In an intelligent release on their website, the LPC has shown how ridiculous arguments made by opponents of the long-gun registry are by substituting guns for other things you need to register.

Here are the interesting arguments they came up with, and which, if the Tories and others are logically consistent, you can expect to see sometime soon:

* Criminals won’t register their dogs anyway, so what’s the point?

* The government wants you to get a fishing license so they can seize all of your fishing poles!

* The car registration scheme in this country costs millions a year and does nothing to prevent road accidents!

* You already have to pass a driver’s test to be able to drive a car, so what’s the point of having to register your car?

* There was a boating accident last week, and the boating registration scheme did nothing to prevent that from happening!

Clearly, we are wasting money on futile registries. I expect Stephen Harper to do something about this. It is disgraceful.
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  1. **You register dogs in order to offset funding for animal control, not to control dog ownership, It's a municipal registry, and it isn't a criminal offense to not register your dog.
    **Except that the government does seize legally owned guns - see their demand for forfeiture this year on the T-97 and High Standard 50B.
    **You don't have to register your car unless you intend to drive it on the road. It is perfectly legal to own an unregistered car.
    **Boating registration scheme? You mean the mandatory licensing of operators? We aren't fighting against gun licensing, we're against gun registration.

  2. I have to balance the cost of the Long gun registry against it's usefullness vs using that same amount of money to intercept more handguns that are used more on our streets . Just look at the streets of Toronto and the shootings there . A suicidal person will find another weapon - a knife , axe , rope , water , pills ,etc . Liscensing gun owners makes a lot more sense . Registering the owner's long gun makes no sense .

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