Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Liberal MPs to defy Prorogation, Show up to work on Jan. 25

In a news bulletin published an hour ago on, Liberal MPs will meet in the House of Commons or near it in defiance of prorogation. Instead of not showing up on Parliament Hill, they will carry out to the best of their abilities Parliamentary work.

This would not seem to be only a handful of MPs doing so unofficially, as Bob Rae announced that “[Harper] can’t shut down the issues. He can’t stop people from asking questions about the Afghan detainee issue. He can’t stop people from asking questions about the budget. He can’t stop people from talking about politics.” The intention clearly is to keep the spotlight on these issues, whether the government likes it or not.

This was the right move as critics were lambasting the opposition parties for whining about prorogation without even being willing to engage in a mock Parliament. Now that criticism is refuted and the contrast between the Liberals and the Conservatives should emerge, showing the one's willingness to acquit themselves of the duties they were elected to perform, and the other's growing disregard for democracy.

What has to happen now is that the NDP and the Bloc sign on. This will give this form of protest legitimacy. It would give validity to the claim that Parliament is sitting despite being prorogued. It would hearken to the days of the French Revolution when the Third Estate met in the tennis court, in defiance of the rest of the Estates General oppression of the masses.

Only if the other parties join in can this have its maximum impact. Now if only there were courageous Conservative MPs that joined in. They would be doing their country a great service by putting the national interest above partisan politics and party discipline.

This, coupled with the now 79, 310 members strong Facebook group should show the Conservatives that the nation is truly incensed by his disdain for democracy.
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