Monday, April 20, 2009

"Jack Saves the Nation from Political Squabbling and the Unwanted Election" the NDP in a coalition with the conservatives?

A while ago, when Michael Ignatieff instructed the Liberal caucus to vote in favour of the budget, Jack Layton accused the Official Opposition of forming a coalition with the Conservatives.

Now however, it seems he has adopted a similar position to that of Michael Ignatieff. During the latest break on Parliament Hill, Jack Layton canvassed voters and supposedly came to the conclusion that there should be no talks of elections and overthrowing the government in these difficult times. This shows an element of disconnect between Layton and voters, as Layton seems to have been woefully out of touch with the voters at the time of the original accusations.

It would seem that Jack's sudden understanding of opposition and coalition is motivated by the polls. Liberals have been gaining and the NDP has remained around its baseline vote of around 15%. So, instead of opposing himself to the peoples' favourite party, Jack wants to ride their wave in a sense. As the Liberals have been successful with this strategy, why shouldn't it work for Jack?

All this is purely flip flopping by Layton to suit the political climate. Seeing that an aggressive approach has yielded no fruits, Layton now is all smiles and compromise.

This flip flopping, if you consider for a second, is one of those delightful comedic gems that turn up on Parliament Hill. Not only is Jack now entering a "coalition with the Conservatives", but he really considers himself to hold the balance of power. He used to think he was executioner in chief of the government, even though if the Liberals voted with the Conservatives, his party's vote did not matter. And now, he has followed this act up with "Jack Saves the Nation from Political Squabbling and an Election". As if he were a necessary component to compromise in the House of Commons.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Jack is seeking compromise. It's just that it reveals his misconception of his importance along with that of his party in a significant way.
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