Thursday, April 30, 2009

Harper has another go at the CBC

It's obvious to me that Harper is intent to seriously cripple the CBC at the very least, if not drive it into the ground. He recently refused to extend loans to the CBC, causing the loss of 800 jobs and major programming problems for CBC.

And now, in talks of a scheme in which to compensate broadcasters such as CTV for cable channels using their content, the Conservatives have completely ignored the CBC or its needs. They are, it is clear, interested with making sure that private media, incidentally owned by many of their greatest supporters, are protected and eventually dominate the CBC.

There is no sensible reason why the CBC should not be similarly compensated. Harper is simply having another go at the CBC in his quest to render it obsolete. Yet another reason not to support Harper.
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  1. CBC = Canadian, Harper = Faux News

  2. By cutting 800 of 12,000?? That makes no sense. lost and pensions screwed.
    100,000 manufacturing jobs in Ontario gone.
    Lumber jobs gone.
    Sinking more money into the CBC is just not an option right now, not by the Cons, and, not by the Liberals, and rightfully so. billg

  3. 800 out of 12000 is 6.6%. I would say that's pretty significant.

    As for sinking money, the 171$ million that Lacroix asked for would have been a long. Not sinking.

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