Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Harper's at it again.

Here we go again. It really is amazing how many times Stephen Harper changes his line. Remember in the election campaign last year, how Stephen Harper told us that our banking system's fundamentals were foolproof, and that there was no possibility that we could experience a recession such as the one down south?

Well that has changed, but Harper is still sticking to his guns. Today he continued with this trend, telling us that we would be out of the recession soon, with surpluses as soon as 2013.

Now that in itself is not the whole problem, although Harper is going against the predictions of some slightly more experienced people in the field, such as the former Bank of Canada governor, David Dodge. Dodge maintains that the recession will not end year and that capitalism as we know it shall be significantly altered.

Not only is Harper going against the predictions of most economists, he is showing a disturbing trend: Change your line over and over again, because the people won't notice and in the meantime they'll just buy whatever you say.

Harper says that his predictions aren't rosy or unrealistic. Well, one thing is sure about them: They'll probably change next month. You wait and see.
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  1. Keep blogging away 'young person', it is refreshing to see a 16 yr old so engaged in the political process. On top of that you express yourself exceedingly well. While I don't agree with everything you have to say I have enormous respect for your obvious passion.

    Found you on bloggingcanadians...may I suggest joining as well, its a much bigger community and will bring you more readers.

    I only have 12 or so sites linked on my blog, Canadian Soapbox...just added yours.

    Keep writing.


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