Monday, March 23, 2009

Donating to political parties

My mother recently received in the mail a letter from the Liberal Party of Canada asking her to consider donating to the party. What I found out was interesting: for most donations, you will receive a 75% tax-credit. In essence what this means is that if you donate 100$, you receive 75$ back from the government. Thus to donate 100$, it would only cost you in real terms 25$.

There is a great lack of donations to parties other than the Conservatives in the country. If the 62% of voters who did not vote for a Conservative truly want to stand a chance in opposing Harper, then they should be willing to donate to the other political parties. After all, it does not cost you much at all, and it makes a great difference relatively.

Now, for that donation to have the best effect, and go farther in stopping Harper's scare tactics and negative campaigning (Stephane Dion character assassination perhaps), it is best to donate to the LIBERALS. The Liberals are likely to be the governing party if the Conservatives are not in power, so even if you are a NDPer or Green, really, your money is best spent helping the Liberals. Or donate to the Liberals and your own party.
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  1. another lame attempt by our pro-Grit friend to convince the general public that the high and mighty cause of destroying the evil and sinister Harper can only be accomplished by the Liberals...its amazing that some of us still consider them the "natural governing party of Canada". The liberal era of domination has come and gone: accept it and move on with your life

    and by the way...if you are so inclined as to think that the minute you donate your well earned cash to our good friend Ignatieff, he doesnt go right along to his attack ad creators and delivers their newest load of crap along with your cash over to the cbc...i can only say that that you are either ignorant, or a hypocrite

    everyone does attack way to deny, so don't kid yourselves


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