Monday, December 7, 2009

Further Indication of Stephen Harper's Disconnect with the World

In this week's issue, the Economist, a mostly right-wing publication, outlines the proper policy to follow in order to effectively mitigate climate change. It suggests putting a carbon price on carbon of $40 per tonne, preferably through a carbon tax. In comparison, Stephane Dion's proposed carbon tax was only $10 the tonne. Yet the Economist maintains that such measures would only reduce world GDP by 1%, if measures are properly implemented.

This is policy that flies in the face of what Stephen Harper's government has been maintaining on the environmental file, namely that cuts greater than 20% by 2020 will be disastrous for the economy. This coming from a publication that sides with Harper on most other issues is indicative of the wide divide that has formed between Canada and the rest of the world. Canada, which signed the Kyoto Protocol, is now only slightly ahead of Obama's hope of cuts of 4% over 1990 levels. That we are slightly better than this is little excuse, as we signed onto Kyoto in 1992.

Stephen Harper should follow the worldwide trend towards a more serious tackling of the problem, and that starts in Copenhagen. If we accept the advice of economists and impose a $40 price on a tonne of carbon, we would be able to develop significantly our green industry, but most importantly, we would be able to lead for a legally binding treaty that is tough on emissions in Copenhagen.
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  1. Only 1%?

    To compare;Manmade GHG's contribute 0.28% to the total of GHG.This is cause for great alarm.

    A 1% reduction of world GDP will lead to a redistribution and will mean an increase in some areas no doubt but it couldalso mean a 10-20% (a guess)reduction in others. We are vulnerable here.

    This of course is speculation. Nobody knows for sure.

    I suspect also that any plan will not be "properly implemented" as the article hopes.

    The track record is quite poor.Kyoto failed and its failure was easily predicted.Those who supported it are in Copenhagen.I suggest we should be prepared for disappointment in Copenhagen as well.

    Chretien followed the worldwide trend ,albeit unwillingly, a decade or so ago and it lead to failure.My hope is that Harper resists this urge.


  2. Of course you know that when DeYawn was enviromental minister the carbon footprint increased by 30%. So much for your blaming the Cons for inaction when the LIEberals had a worse record. That is why Iffy said, "You didn't get it done."

    Actually DeYawn is a hero in this matter. With Global Warming being proven fake , he has set the example of what the Cons should do - nothing. Did DeYawn know that it was fake, therefore did nothing? I think so.

    Thank you DeYawn and the LIEberals


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